Overcoming Complexities to Create the Highest Security

Our Due Diligence practice identified key flaws in ComplySci’s legacy system and helped them create a single, accurate, and highly secure repository of all the risk information and market data needed to proactively manage complex regulatory and compliance challenges.


ComplySci’s proprietary Risk Data Engine™ needed to securely ingest vast quantities of risk information and market data across a broad spectrum of sources in order to aggregate and normalize it into a single repository. ROKO Labs’ Due Diligence practice identified key flaws in their legacy system and built a team within ComplySci to create a platform from scratch.


While acting as interim CTO for the company, we developed the overall strategy for the platform as well as pinpointed potential vulnerabilities in the system. We started the development process with a new ftp framework that would ensure the data was securely uploaded and ingested into the Risk Data Engine. In addition, we provided them with our proprietary ROKO Secure Docs portal to ensure compliance and full audit trails of all document dissemination. And we provide end-to-end operational support, keeping them up and running 24/7 and optimizing all software deployment.


The ComplySci™ Platform is now used by over 1,000 institutions globally to proactively identify risks and manage complex regulatory and compliance challenges. Their 97+ % client retention rate is testament to the success of the system.


Rokolabs was 100% committed to our success and quite literally became a part of the company. Their experience with complex financial data and regulatory requirements was indispensible in building a secure, reliable, and scalable risk management platform that’s become the industry standard.