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Dedicated product managers validate business strategy and are accountable for transforming your business goals and market needs into scalable, stable and secure products that meet your expectations.


Product managers who ask the tough questions

Our product managers are strategic thinkers with extensive business experience. They analyze the user feedback and competitive framework against your vision and prioritize features to ensure that the product strategy will maximize your revenue model. They not only provide strategic direction but manage the entire project process and progress. They are your go-to persons and fully accountable for the ultimate success of your product. They anticipate problems and identify roadblocks so that your project stays on time and to spec

Project management that’s transparent and accountable

We ensure maximum transparency and collaboration by leveraging project management tools, throughout the engagement. You can always see who’s been assigned which tasks and stay informed of due dates and approvals. Monthly reports give you aggregated insight into the progress of execution against your business objectives and identify potential risks.

Defining detailed product specifications, information architecture and technical roadmaps that translate complex business needs into applications that users love.


Ensuring user experience is intuitive and seamless

We know how to get into the heads – and hands – of sophisticated business users, creating more accurate user journeys. We set high benchmarks for usability so we’re constantly analyzing and testing all of the leading industry apps and technologies to discover which designs work best and more importantly, which don’t.

Transforming data into actionable information

Having worked extensively in data- and content-intensive industries, we’ve faced some of the most complicated workflows and most stringent regulatory environments in the world. We have deep experience creating cross-platform solutions that require intensive security, entitlement layers, and real-time data

In-house engineering teams specialize in multiple core technologies to deploy the right solution with agility, speed and quality.


Agile and lean

We believe in agile. Doing weekly or bi-weekly iterations to implement a solution and get critical feedback enables us to deliver value quickly to our clients. Focused collaboration and prioritization allow teams to react quickly to changing requirements while remaining focused on key business drivers.

In-house QA

We have a dedicated team that manages all quality assurance and testing. They’re responsible for providing all functional, integration, automated, regression, and performance testing services for every project. They provide the ultimate assurance that every piece of code is working up to spec before going live.

Managing your technology operations with 24/7 system monitoring and service to ensure stability and security.


Let us worry about security and uptime

We can provide all services required for the maintenance, monitoring and support of your hardware infrastructure and system security to ensure a stable and secure system. We’ll monitor system capacity and take the necessary actions to ensure everything is performing at optimal levels. And we can perform all system diagnostics and install patches and fixes or entire upgrades of existing systems and applications, as needed.

Global support round-the-clock

You’ll have a dedicated operations support manager, who will troubleshoot all issues, handle all incidents, and track and document problem resolution. Each manager is backed by a technical team that is spread around the world to provide seamless coverage anywhere and anytime.

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