Customized market-moving news and analytics

REDD allows corporate subscribers to detect potential acquisitions, industry trends and relevant events that could affect them or their competitors.

Comprehensive, Granular Analytics + Workflows

REDD needed a comprehensive authoring solution for their extensive network of reporters, in order to deliver event-driven emerging market news and analytics in real time. Their complex publishing workflow necessitated developing an elaborate automated system that could handle very granular user permissioning as well as the ability to distribute sensitive data securely.


REDD was founded by two entrepreneurs who had years of experience creating high-value content, but no expertise in managing or publishing that content digitally. They had put together a large team of journalists and analysts who report on market moving catalysts in the emerging markets, as well as a subscriber base of bankers, asset managers, and advisers who would pay for custom news and alerts.

In order to deliver this event-driven market news and analytics in real time, REDD needed a comprehensive platform, starting with a total authoring solution for their analysts and reporters, through to a highly secure document portal that would control how the content was delivered, shared, printed, and downloaded at the user level.


REDD’s global network of reporters and analysts follow an complex publishing workflow that required very granular permissioning and entitlements. We designed and built a robust administrative and editorial portal that was extremely simple for the reporters to access, enter, and publish their news. In addition, we helped their analysts discover more events through the integration of external data feeds.

On the front end for subscribers, we built a suite of web and mobile applications that could be customized by the user to deliver real-time alerts focused on opportunities relevant to the markets or companies they follow. And we integrated ROKO Labs’ Secure Docs portal to manage the distribution and tracking of the intelligence reports, ensuring that sensitive market-making data